7 Creative Garage Dog Kennel Ideas

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Last Updated: March 12th, 2024

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Do you want to make or upgrade a garage dog kennel for your canine companion? We are giving you 7 creative ideas!

7 Creative Garage Dog Kennel Ideas

Creating a dog kennel in your garage can be a great way to provide a safe and comfortable space for your pet while making efficient use of available space. Outdoor dogs often spend the winter months in the garage, because the temperatures are too low outside. Here are seven creative ideas for garage dog kennels:

Custom-Built DIY Wooden Dog Kennel

Build a wooden kennel that fits into a corner of your garage. Include a comfortable bed, some toys, and ensure there’s adequate ventilation. Decorate it to match the garage’s interior for a cohesive look.

  • Supplies: Wooden panels, screws, hinges, sandpaper, paint, comfortable bedding.
  • Instructions: Measure, cut, and assemble the wooden panels into a box shape with a front opening. Sand edges, paint, and add bedding.
  • Approx. Cost: $150 – $300
wooden kennel

Repurposed Furniture Dog Kennel

Transform an old cabinet or wardrobe into a dog kennel. Remove the doors, add a comfy bed inside, and paint it to fit the garage’s aesthetic. This is both eco-friendly, stylish and can be a fun DIY project.

  • Supplies: Old cabinet or wardrobe, paint, bedding, optional: wire mesh for door.
  • Instructions: Remove doors, refurbish and paint the furniture, add a bed inside. Optionally replace door panels with wire mesh.
  • Approx. Cost: $50 – $150 (depending on the condition of the furniture).

Raised Platform Dog Kennel

Construct a raised platform in a section of the garage. This keeps your dog off the cold floor and can provide storage space underneath. Add stairs or a ramp for easy access.

  • Supplies: Wood or metal for the platform, carpet or non-slip surface, bedding.
  • Instructions: Build a sturdy raised platform, cover it with a non-slip surface, add bedding.
  • Approx. Cost: $100 – $250

Indoor-Outdoor Dog Kennel

If your garage has a door leading to the backyard, create an indoor-outdoor kennel. Install a doggie door so your pet can move freely between the garage and the yard.

  • Supplies: Doggie door, fencing material for outdoor enclosure, bedding.
  • Instructions: Install a doggie door in the garage door, set up a fenced area outside the doggie door, add bedding inside.
  • Approx. Cost: $200 – $500 (including the outdoor enclosure).
dog with a chewed tennis ball, laying on the grass

Convertible Dog Kennel Garage Space

Set up a space that can easily convert between a kennel and a storage area or workspace. Use foldable or modular elements to change the function of the space as needed. This is very convenient if your dog only uses the garage kennel in extreme temperatures and not throughout the whole year.

  • Supplies: Foldable or modular kennel, storage bins or shelving, bedding.
  • Instructions: Set up a foldable kennel, organize storage bins or shelves for easy conversion, add bedding.
  • Approx. Cost: $100 – $300

Themed Kennel Design

Design the kennel with a specific theme, like a mini version of your house or a fun motif like a race car or spaceship. This can be a fun project that adds a unique touch to your garage.

  • Supplies: Basic kennel structure, paint, decorative elements related to the theme, bedding.
  • Instructions: Build or buy a basic kennel, paint, and decorate according to the chosen theme, add themed bedding.
  • Approx. Cost: $150 – $400 (varies greatly with the theme complexity).

Climate-Controlled Dog Kennel Ideas

Ensure your pet’s comfort by installing a climate control system in the kennel area. This is especially important in areas with extreme temperatures, either very hot or very cold.

  • Supplies: Insulation materials, small heater/air conditioner, thermometer, bedding.
  • Instructions: Insulate the kennel walls, install a heater/AC unit suitable for small spaces, ensure temperature regulation.
  • Approx. Cost: $250 – $600
dog sleeping, wrapped up in a blanket


These costs are approximations and can vary based on location, the quality of materials, and the specific design details. Additionally, having certain tools or materials already on hand can reduce the cost significantly.

Remember, the key is to ensure that the kennel is safe, comfortable, and suits your dog’s needs. Always make sure to check the temperature in your dog’s living space, these guidelines by USDA will help you navigate your dog’s temperature needs. Regular cleaning and maintenance are also important to keep the space healthy and hygienic for your pet. If your dog stays outdoors even in winter, check our 5 Amazing DIY Winter Dog House Ideas.



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