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Providing you with the knowledge to give your pet a perfect life.

My Paw Diaries is a platform designed to bring you the most up to date advice on how to provide your pet with the perfect life they deserve. Our expert team consists of certified veterinarians, veterinary students and actual pet owners, all dedicated to make sure that every article gives our readers accurate, factual information that has medical ground, enabling you to make the best decisions when it comes to your pet.

How It Started

My Paw Diaries emerged from the experiences of a passionate dog owner upon welcoming a small miniature Dachshund into the family, alongside a history of caring for rescue dogs.  Having had rescue dogs all his life, it was evident that not all dogs are the same and when wanting to provide our loved ones with the best care, there are many questions that arise.

Unfortunately a lot of the information provided on the internet may be outdated, factually inaccurate, and in some cases there may be very little if any information when it comes to specific topics.

Our Vision

Our vision consists of two parts, the first is a page where our team of experienced writers and veterinarians share their expertise on coveted subjects, and provide you with valuable answers. We cover a number of topics from food reviews, health tips, product reviews to training guides. And the second part of our vision is to create a brand and a social platform for pets owners, where users will be able to keep a diary of their pet, and have access to a variety of features to improve the life of their loved one, which for the moment is still a work in progress.

Our Team



I'm Nino, the proud and loving pet parent to Appa, my energetic two-year-old dachshund. My passion for animals and nature inspired me to create this space where pet lovers can come together and share their experiences.


Nino & Appa


Social Media Manager

Klara, our talented social media manager and branding expert, is also a co-parent to Appa. Together, we strive to create a warm and engaging community for pet enthusiasts.

Klara & Appa



Maja is a creative and enthusiastic pet parent to Bimba, her playful four-year-old dachshund. When she's not with Bimba, Maja enjoys singing and sewing, bringing her vibrant energy and creativity to everything she does.

Maja & Bimba

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