5 Amazing DIY Winter Outdoor Dog House Ideas

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Last Updated: March 12th, 2024

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Creating a DIY winter outdoor dog house can be a fun and rewarding project. Here are five great ideas, complete with supplies and basic instructions.

DIY Winter Outdoor Dog House

As the chill of winter sets in, ensuring our furry friends are cozy and comfortable becomes a top priority for pet owners. One of the most heartwarming and practical projects you can undertake is building a DIY winter outdoor dog house. This article showcases five amazing DIY dog house ideas, each tailored to keep your canine companion warm and secure during the colder months. From the classic insulation of a wooden dog house to the innovative use of straw bales and repurposed materials, we cover a range of styles and budgets. These dog houses not only provide a safe haven for your pet but also offer a rewarding DIY experience.

DIY Insulated Wooden Dog House

Supplies: Plywood, insulation panels, weatherproof paint, screws, roofing material.

  • Build a basic wooden frame using plywood.
  • Add insulation panels to all sides, including the floor and roof.
  • Seal any gaps and cover the exterior with weatherproof paint.
  • Attach a sloped roof with roofing material for water runoff.

Cost: $100 to $300

Winter Approptiate: Very suitable. The insulation keeps the dog warm in winter.

dog in insulated wooden dog house

Eco-Friendly Straw-Bale Dog House

Supplies: Straw bales, plywood (for roof), waterproof tarp.

  • Stack straw bales to create three walls and a partial fourth wall, leaving space for an entrance.
  • Place a plywood sheet on top for the roof.
  • Cover the entire structure with a waterproof tarp to protect from moisture.

Cost: $20 to $60

Winter Appropriate: Moderately suitable. Straw is a very good insulator, but this design might not be as weatherproof as others.

dog laying on the straw barrel

DIY Plastic Barrel Dog House

Supplies: Large plastic barrel, saw, cushioning for bedding, weather-resistant paint.

  • Cut a hole in the side of the barrel for the entrance.
  • Paint the barrel with weather-resistant paint.
  • Place soft bedding inside for comfort.

Cost: $50 to $100

Winter Appropriate: Plastic isn’t the best insulator, but the design can protect against wind and snow. For extremely cold climates, additional measures like heated beds or interior heating might be necessary to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.

DIY Stone And Mortar Dog House

Supplies: Stones, mortar, wooden door frame, corrugated metal (for roof).

  • Build the walls using stones and mortar.
  • Install a wooden frame for the entrance.
  • Top with a sloped corrugated metal roof.

Cost: $150 to $400

Winter Appropriate: Quite suitable. Stone provides good insulation and protection against weather.

DIY Upcycled Pallet Dog House

Supplies: Wooden pallets, nails, hammer, saw, weatherproof stain.

  • Dismantle pallets and use the wood to construct a frame.
  • Assemble the house, ensuring a snug fit to avoid drafts.
  • Stain with weatherproof stain for durability.

Cost: $30 to $100

Winter Appropriate: If well-insulated and sealed, it can be suitable, but pallet wood alone offers limited insulation. For extremely cold climates, additional measures like heated beds or interior heating might be necessary to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.


Winter weather can be quite harsh on outdoor dogs. It’s important that you ensure your dog’s outdoor house stays warm enough during the winter months. It’s advisable to use additional insulation or heating if you live in very cold climate. You can use traditional home insulation products, such as pet-safe caulk to fill gaps and foam board, aluminum foil bubble insulation, or rolls of fiberglass insulation to line the floor, walls, and ceiling. Additionally, not placing the dog house directly on the floor is also helpful in keeping the interior warm. For more safety precautions for dogs staying outdoors, read this article.



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