27 Dog Christmas Gifts Ideas That Will Make Them Happy

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Last Updated: March 13th, 2024

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Dog Christmas gifts are a special way to make your furry friend happy. Here is our list of 10 adorable ideas!

Christmas is all about family and I think we can all agree that dogs are our family members! Including your dog in festive activities is rewarding and fun for you and your dog. Even though dogs don’t really understand the concept of gifts, they do understand your attention and that is what brings them joy. It’s not so much about what you get for your dog, but rather creating shared memories and including your furry friend in gift unwrapping. Here are 10 dog Christmas gift ideas, including some DIY Christmas dog gifts option.

border collie dog giving paw to santa

Customized Dog Collar

Get a quality collar personalized with the dog’s name and phone number. Choose a festive design or color for the holiday season.

Dog Treat Advent Calendar

Create a DIY advent calendar filled with different dog treats for each day leading up to Christmas.

Box Full Of Toys

This one may cause zoomies and uncontrollable joy! Surprising your dog with a full box of plush toys, mixed with some squeaky toys, is guaranteed happiness!

dog Christmas gifts ideas

Interactive Puzzle Toy

Buy an interactive puzzle toy that challenges the dog mentally, keeping them engaged and entertained. Check this list of DIY cognitive dog toys, if you want to make a homemade toy.

Handmade Dog Sweater

Knit or crochet a cozy DIY dog sweater, customizing the size and color to fit your dog perfectly.

Personalized Dog Bowl

A dog bowl with the pet’s name on it. You can either purchase one or paint a ceramic bowl yourself for a more personal touch.

DIY Dog Treats

Bake homemade dog treats with pet-safe ingredients. You can make them in fun shapes like bones or Christmas trees.

Plush Dog Bed

Get a plush, comfortable dog bed to give your pet a cozy spot to relax.

Dog Agility Course Kit

For active dogs, an agility course kit can be a fun way for them to exercise and bond with their owner.

Custom Pet Portrait

Commission a custom portrait of the dog, or if you’re artistic, create a painting or drawing yourself.

Durable Chew Toy

High-quality, durable chew toys are always appreciated, especially for dogs who love to gnaw.

Take Your Dog On A Special Trip

Who says that a gift has to be materialistic? Take your dog on a long trip, to a place they enjoy the most.

Cook Your Dog A Special Meal

Maybe a gift that your dog will enjoy the most. Food! Make them a special meal that they don’t get every day and it will sure make your dog happy!

Heated Orthopedic Dog Bed

Ideal for older dogs or those with joint issues, a heated orthopedic bed provides extra comfort and warmth, perfect for cold winter nights.

Interactive Treat-Dispensing Camera

A high-tech gift that allows you to interact with your dog remotely. It comes with a camera, speaker, and a treat dispenser that you can control with your smartphone, making it a great way to stay connected with your pet when you’re not at home.

Beagle dogs with a lot of Christmas gifts

Doggy Spa Kit

A luxurious spa kit including organic, dog-safe shampoo, conditioners, a soft bathrobe, and paw balm. This kit is perfect for a dog that loves bathing and pampering sessions after a long walk or on a lazy weekend.

Personalized Dog Story Book

A custom-made story book where your dog is the main character. You can personalize it with your dog’s name, breed, and even their appearance, making it a unique and sentimental gift.

Dog Adventure Harness with GoPro Mount

For the adventurous dog, a durable harness with a mount for a GoPro camera may be the perfect gift. This harness allows dog owners to capture their pet’s point of view during hikes, walks, or playtime.

Dog Treat Maker with Customizable Molds

A dog treat maker that comes with customizable molds, allowing owners to create homemade, healthy treats with their dog’s name or favorite shapes.

Smart Doggy Doorbell

An innovative doorbell designed for dogs, which they can ring with their nose or paw to let you know when they want to go outside or come back in. It’s a fun and practical way to communicate with your pet.

Scent-Tracking Game Kit

A kit designed for scent work games, including various containers and safe, dog-friendly scents. It’s a stimulating activity that taps into a dog’s natural sniffing instincts.

Custom-Printed Dog Blanket

A cozy blanket featuring a high-resolution print of your dog’s photo. This can be a comforting item for your dog and a beautiful keepsake for the owner.

Canine Cooling Vest

Perfect for active dogs or those living in warmer climates, a cooling vest helps regulate body temperature during outdoor activities, ensuring your dog stays comfortable and safe.

Dog Life Jacket

Does your dog love swimming? Dogs get tired pretty fast when swimming and a life jacket may help them enjoy water activities longer and swim longer distances.

Personalized Doggy Dining Set

A custom dining set including a food bowl and water dish, personalized with your dog’s name and designed to match your home decor. You can also choose ergonomic designs for ease of eating and drinking.

Mother and daughter giving their dog the Christmas present

Interactive Dog Ball Launcher

An automatic ball launcher that keeps your dog entertained and active, perfect for dogs that never tire of fetch. It can be set to different distances and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play.

Luxury Dog Tent

A stylish, portable tent for your dog, offering them their own special retreat. It’s great for providing shade and comfort during outdoor adventures. The tent can also be personalized and comes in various designs to suit your dog’s personality.


Selecting the perfect Christmas gift for your furry companion not only showcases your love and appreciation for them but also enhances their well-being and happiness. From cozy beds to engaging toys, each gift carries the potential to enrich your dog’s life and strengthen the bond you share. This festive season, let’s remember that the joy of giving extends to our beloved pets, who bring unconditional love and companionship into our lives. So, as you celebrate with family and friends, include your four-legged family members in the festivities with a thoughtful present.”



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