Answering 10 Interesting FAQ About the Famous Cartoon Dogs (With Pictures)

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Last Updated: September 24th, 2023

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Remember your favorite famous cartoon dogs as we answer some of the questions about your childhoods canine heros. Unlock your cartoon memories and reminisce with us !


Who doesn’t adore cartoon dogs? From heartwarming tales of loyalty to hilarious plots, animated dogs have made our childhood special. Whether you were tuning into Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of cereal or you’ve caught episodes on late-night reruns, these furry characters made some of our core childhood memories. In this article, we’ve rounded up 8 interesting FAQs about these iconic canines that have won many millennial hearts.

What was the first Cartoon dog?

Long before the days of high-definition graphics and digital animation, cartoons were hand-drawn pieces of art. And in the world of animated dogs, the first notable pup to grace our screens was none other than “Tige”. Recognize the name? Maybe not, but if you’re an old soul, you might remember him from the Buster Brown shoe advertisements. Tige made his debut in the early 1900s and holds the title of being one of the first-ever cartoon dogs.

Tige, the dog from the Buster Browwn shoe commercial
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What breed is Pluto?

The charming Pluto has been chasing his tail since he first made an appearance in 1930. But have you ever wondered what breed this delightful Disney dog is? Well, let’s clear the air! Pluto is a mixed breed, but he’s largely inspired by the Coonhound. With his long ears, slender body, and boundless energy, he embodies many of the characteristics of this breed. Though we’re pretty sure most Coonhounds don’t get into as many misadventures as Pluto!

Pluto, the famous cartoon dogs
Image from Pinterest

What was the floating cartoon dog?

The floating cartoon dog that’s most widely recognized is “Astro” from “The Jetsons.” While Astro doesn’t exactly “float” in the sense of being ethereal or ghostly, he’s often seen moving around in a floating or hovering manner typical of everything in the futuristic world of “The Jetsons.” This animated series depicted a family living in a world with flying cars, robot maids, and cities in the sky, so it’s not uncommon to recall images of characters, including Astro, seeming to “float” or “hover”. If this isn’t the dog you’re thinking of, there might be another more obscure reference, but Astro is the most iconic “floating” cartoon dog from a well-known series.

Astro, the dog fom the cartoon The Jetsons
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What old cartoon had the big sheep dog?

Remember the diligent sheep dog and the scheming wolf? If the names “Sam Sheepdog” and “Ralph Wolf” ring a bell, then you’ve guessed it right. The cartoon series, a part of the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, featured a massive, mop-haired sheepdog named Sam, who always managed to outsmart Ralph, no matter how elaborate the wolf’s plans were. Their playful “Morning, Ralph. Morning, Sam” exchanges before clocking into their ‘jobs’ were such a classic!

"Sam Sheepdog" and "Ralph Wolf" cartoon big sheep dog cartoon
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Who’s the richest cartoon dog?

The title of the richest cartoon dog goes to “Richie Rich’s” pooch, “Dollar.” This privileged pup not only had a diamond-studded collar but also played pivotal roles in some of Richie’s adventures. Living up to his name, Dollar was often surrounded by luxury, giving a whole new meaning to ‘pampered pet’.

Richie Rich cartoon character with his dog Dollar, the richest cartoon dog
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Is there a superhero cartoon dog?

Yes, several! But one that comes to mind with many is the unassuming “Underdog”. When villains threatened the city, the mild-mannered Shoeshine Boy transformed into a superhero, the Underdog. With a ring that stored a pill granting him superpowers, Underdog often proclaimed, “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!” And just like that, our four-legged hero would save the day.

Underdog, the superhero dog from cartoon
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Which famous cartoon dog has its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Stardom isn’t just for the two-legged celebrities. “Lassie”, though initially a star of movies and TV series, had animated versions too. This iconic Rough Collie, known for her intelligence and unconditional loyalty, has been a symbol of unwavering friendship for decades. And yes, she has her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, making her one super famous dog!

Lassie, the most famous dog cartoon character
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What dog breed is Snoopy?

The lovable, imaginative, and sometimes sassy dog that we all remember. Created by Charles M. Schulz, Snoopy is one of the central characters in the “Peanuts” comic strip. He has an incredibly vivid inner life, picturing himself as everything from a World War I flying ace to a renowned novelist. But what breed is this iconic dog? Snoopy is a Beagle. His distinct coloring, floppy ears, and slender body align well with the physical characteristics of this breed. Beagles are known for their keen sense of smell, gentle disposition, and sometimes stubborn behavior—traits that Snoopy displays in his own quirky ways.

Snoopy, famous cartoon dogs, reading a book about rabbits
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What was the name of the depressed cartoon dog?

If you’re picturing a gloomy, blue-hued canine with a perpetually weighed down expression, then you’re thinking of Droopy. Droopy, with his slow, lethargic voice, was a character created by Tex Avery for MGM in the 1940s. This droopy-eyed dog might have looked and sounded consistently sad, but he was surprisingly sharp and often came out on top despite his melancholic character. His catchphrase, delivered in his signature monotone voice, was “You know what? I’m happy.” It was a perfect encapsulation of his paradoxical character—always seeming down but not necessarily feeling down.

Droopy, the famous depressed cartoon dog
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What is the most famous cartoon dog?

The world of animated canines is vast and varied, and to crown one as the “most famous” is an almost impossible task. However, a few famous four-legged stars often surface when answering this question. Scooby-Doo, the mystery-solving Great Dane from the show “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!”, is undoubtedly among the most famous animated dogs. Since the late 1960s, Scooby and his gang of humans have been unmasking villains in countless TV episodes and films. The show’s mix of humor, suspense, and friendship has cemented Scooby-Doo’s place in cartoon canine royalty. While other characters like Pluto, Snoopy, and Clifford have their unique charms and widespread fame, Scooby’s longevity and his influence arguably place him at the top of the famous cartoon dogs chart.

Scooby doo, famous cartoon dog fighting with a mummy
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Famous cartoon dogs have not only entertained us but have become a part of our pop culture, teaching us about friendship, loyalty, and the occasional mischief. Whether they’re floating in space, guarding sheep, or living the luxurious life, these characters hold a special place in our hearts. It’s nice to unlock some of our core childhood memories and we hope this article helped you get there!



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