Top 5 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

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Last Updated: October 23rd, 2023

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If you are asking yourself, “How to make a simple dog Halloween costume?” Look no further! Halloween isn’t just for humans; our furry companions deserve to partake in the fun too. But do dogs like wearing Halloween costumes? While some might shy away, or even feel anxious in a costume, many dogs actually adore the attention they get in a cute, spooky or funny outfit. From easy small dog Halloween costumes to black dog Halloween costumes, we chose 5 easy dog costumes anyone can do at home. We demonstrated all of our costumes on our team’s Dachshund Bimba. She received lots of treats and enjoyed the process. All costumes from this list are very simple to make and most of them can be a last minute dog costume if you have very little time. Nothing beats the uniqueness of a DIY costume!

“Flower Power” Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costume

This one may be the cutest dog halloween costume off this list! I know Halloween is supposed to be spooky season, but this one is too cute to not include on this list! It may not be the most wearable piece as it can slide off the head easily, but I think it’s worth it, even if it’s just for the picture! You are gonna need 20-30 min to make this cute dog costume.

You are gonna need:

  • Fluffy fabric ( You can use only one color or more )
  • Measuring tape
  • Cartboard
  • A blade cutter or scissors
  • Hot glue gun


  • Measure your dogs head (depending on where you want to place the flower) with a measuring tape. I measured Bimba’s head in front of the ears.
  • Use this measurement to draw a circle on the cartboard
  • Draw a flower around the circle.
  • Cut it out of the fabric and prepare your hot glue gun
  • Cut a 2 inch strap from the fluffy fabric and make sure it’s long enough to cover the inside of the circle. This is to ensure the flower is more comfortable to wear for your dog.
  • Use the hot glue gun to attach the fabric to cartboard
  • I used a different color fabric to cover the rest of the flower, but you can use the same color.
Black Dachshund dog in a cute flower costume, dog halloween costumes

“Coke Bottle” Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costume

I would say this is the perfect black Dachshund dog Halloween costume! This diy dog costume is appropriate for smaller dogs. It will only take you 15 minutes to make! Perfect for a last minute dog Halloween costume.

You are gonna need:

  • The biggest Coke bottle you can get ( 2 liters is best )
  • Invisible wire
  • Large pin needle or anything sharp that can make a tiny hole.
  • Clear tape
  • Red paper ( if the circumfirence of your dogs body is larger than the coke bottle)
Black Dachshund dog in a Coca Cola costume, dog halloween costumes


  • Carefully remove the Coke label from the bottle
  • Wrap it around your dog’s belly to see if it’s large enough. If it is, just use clear tape to stick together.
  • If the label is not long enough, cut the same width strip from red paper (I just used some paper from an old magazine, it’s not very important what paper you use, because it won’t be visible)
  • Use the large pin needle to make two wholes in the bottle cap.
  • Take the invisible wire and put it through both holes on the cap and attach it to your dog’s head.

DIY ghost dog halloween costume

Ghost is such a classic dog Halloween costume! It’s also the simplest out of all from this list. You will have the ghost costume done in 5 minutes! You can also recycle old white sheets to not create any unnecessary waste.

You are gonna need:

  • Enough white fabric to cover your dog or old white sheets
  • Scissors


  • Put the fabric over your dogs head, and cut it where the fabric touches the floor. Make sure your dog doesn’t step on the fabric when he’s walking.
  • Mark where the muzzle and eyes are.
  • Remove the fabric from your dog and cut holes, large enough for your dogs muzzle and eyes
  • If you want, you can also cut out holes for ears to make the ghost dog costume even cuter!
Dog in a cute spooky diy ghost halloween costume, dog halloween costumes

DIY spider dog halloween costume

The spider dog halloween costume is super funny and cute! Especially in person, when your dog strats running around with spider legs attached. This dog costume takes a bit more time and supplies than other costumes from the list, but it’s well worth it!

You are gonna need:

  • 3-4 wire hangers
  • Pilers
  • Craft pipe cleaners: black and/or brown
  • Clear tape
  • Old beanie hat: Black or brown


  • Start by detaching the hook of the hanger. If you twist it to the other side, it pops off quite easily. Unwrap the wrapped part of the hanger and pull it apart. This will be a set of two spider legs. Keep in mind that the size of the wire from hangers is perfect for small dogs. If you have a larger dog, you will need to adjust the size of the wire and hangers may not be useful.
  • Use pilers to squeeze in the sharp wire ends. Wrap some clear tape around the sharp edges. This part is really important, because the edges may hurt your dog. Try the wires on your dog to make sure they are touching the floor and adjuast them if needed.
  • Start wrapping the wire with pipe cleaners. I used one black and one brown. Wrap the wire on both sides, you can leave the middle part uncovered, because it will be hidden under the beanie.
  • Take the beanie and cut away the top part to create a tube. Put it on your dog and mark where you want the leg holes to be and also mark 3-4 spider leg holes on each side.
  • Take the beanie off your dog and cut out leg holes. Most beanies are made of two layers of fabric, so for the spider leg holes, only make a hole through the top layer of fabric. This will ensure more comfort for your dog, as the wire is not put directly to the body. Holes should be as tiny as possible, only big enough to pull the wire through.
  • Put the spider legs through the holes. Put the costume carefully on your dog and make sure they are comfortable.
Cute Dachshund dog in a diy spider dog halloween costume, dog halloween costumes

DIY mummy dog halloween costume

This DIY dog halloween costume looks best on dogs with a lighter coat, like Golden Retrievers or Labradors, because it matches the color of the bandage better. It’s super easy and quick, takes you about 5 minutes to turn your dog into a scary mummy!

You are gonna need:

  • Beige color bandage wrap
  • A few clips


This one is very straight forward. Just wrap up your dog in bandage roll and apply a few clips to keep it in place. Your scary dog is ready to go!

Chiuahua dog wrapped as a mummy, chiuahua in a diy dog halloween costume, dog halloween costumes

Is it Okay to Put Dogs in Costumes?

Before you pick a costume for your dog and start making it, it’s important to make sure it’s safe and that your dog is also having fun, not just you. Dogs have very different reactions to wearing costumes. Some really enjoy the attention, but others may feel uncomfortable or restricted. Here are some important things to consider before putting your dog in a spooky halloween costume:

  • Comfort and Safety: Ensure that the costume is comfortable for your dog. It shouldn’t restrict their movement, breathing, or ability to see or hear. Always check for small parts that could be chewed off and swallowed.
  • Introduction: Introduce the costume to your dog slowly. Let them sniff it first and give them treats for showing interest. You can gradually put the costume on them, rewarding them at each step.
  • Watch Their Reaction: Pay attention to your dog’s body language. If they seem distressed, scared, or uncomfortable, it might be best to take the costume off.
  • Duration: Even if your dog seems fine with the costume, it’s a good idea not to leave it on for extended periods. Also, always supervise your dog while they’re wearing a costume.
  • Temperature: Consider the weather and temperature. A thick costume might make your dog overheated, especially if they’re running around.
  • Alternative: If your dog doesn’t like wearing a full costume, you can consider simpler alternatives that don’t cover their whole body, like hats, bandanas, etc.

If you want to learn more about the safety of putting dogs in costumes read this RSPA article.


It’s essential to always prioritize your dog’s well-being over aesthetics. If you decide to dress your dog in a costume, ensure it’s a positive experience for them. If they show any signs of distress, it’s best to skip the costume. We hope your dog will find costumes as fun as us humans do, and that you can all enjoy spooky season together. Happy and safe Halloween!



Maja Sebenik is a proud owner of a Dachshund named Bimba. With three years of experience working as a researcher for a pet magazine, Maja's love for animals runs deep. Through her heartfelt writing, Maja shares practical tips, advice, and heartwarming anecdotes to inspire fellow pet lovers. Join her on a journey to explore the wonders of the animal kingdom, one paw at a time.

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