13 Gorgeous Black Cat Breeds ( with Pictures )

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Last Updated: October 20th, 2023

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Discover some of the most popular black cat breeds.


Black cats are a popular choice among feline fans. At first glance they are elegant, mysterious and sophisticated, but they usually come with some of the friendliest, playful and easy going personalities. We have included 13 of the most common and popular black cat breeds, from shorthaired to longhaired, and even fur-less breeds!

Black Bombay Cat Breed

The Bombay cat is known for its striking appearance and friendly personality. These medium-sized cats have sleek, glossy black coats and mesmerizing copper or golden eyes that add to their dramatic looks. They have a pretty muscular body, making them resemble miniature panthers. Bombay’s are not only beautiful but also highly sociable, affectionate and gentle cats. They thrive on human companionship and enjoy being part of the family. Their playful and intelligent nature makes them quick learners. The only downside of this breed is that they can be prone to certain genetic issues such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and dental problems.

According to VCA, the Bombay owns bragging rights of being the blackest cat among all purebreds. Fans of this breed often say that if you are searching for a pet with the qualities of a dog, cat and monkey, your best bet is to get a Bombay.

Black bombay cat with large golden eyes

Black American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair cats are known for their classic and sturdy appearance. They have a medium to large-sized body that is muscular and well-proportioned. One of their standout features is their dense and short coat, making them black shorthair cats. Their faces are pretty broad, featuring a rounded head with full cheeks and expressive eyes.

American Shorthairs are cherished for their friendly and adaptable personalities, making them the perfect black cat companion. They are generally easygoing and well-suited for families and households with children or other pets. They are known for their intelligence and problem-solving skills, often engaging in interactive play. Despite their independent streak, they are affectionate and enjoy spending time with their humans. These cats have a robust constitution and tend to be generally a healthy breed.

Black cat breeds. Black American Shorthair Cat with green eyes

Black Oriental Cat

The Black Oriental cat breed is known for its elegant and sleek appearance. These cats have a slender and elongated body with long, graceful legs and a fine, silky coat that is uniformly black. Their almond-shaped eyes are typically large and they come in various colors, including shades of green, blue, or even gold. Black Orientals are characterized by their distinctive wedge-shaped heads and prominent ears that give them a sophisticated appearance. They are very vocal and affectionate by nature.

Black oriental cat breed in a woman's lap

Black Persian Cat Breed

Persian cat is a longhair black cat breed, known for its luxurious appearance. They have a robust and compact body with long and extremely soft coat, that is uniformly black. This longhair black cat requires regular grooming to maintain its beauty. They have round faces with large, expressive eyes, typically copper or gold in color, and a short, flat nose. Black Persians are known for their calm and gentle temperament, making them a friendly and patient furball. These cats are affectionate and enjoy lounging in comfort, and are well-suited to indoor living, ensuring endless kitty cuddles.

Black persian cat breed on a velvet burgundy background

Ragamuffin – Family Black Cat Breed

The Black Ragamuffin cats are striking and affectionate breed known for their plush, semi-longhair glossy coats that come in a rich, deep black color, often with a lustrous sheen. These cats have a large, muscular body with a gentle and sweet expression on their rounded faces. Ragamuffins are praised for their friendly and laid-back personalities. Ragamuffin is often referred to as a gentle giant, making it an ideal family cat. These cats are easygoing, patient, and get along well with children and other pets. Even though they are not longhair cats, regular grooming is essential to maintain their coat’s health and beauty.

Black ragamuffin cat breed

Sphynx – the Most Unique Out of All Black Cat Breeds

The Black Sphynx cat is a unique breed known for its complete lack of fur, revealing their wrinkled skin, which is typically dark in color, often black. These cats have a medium-sized body with prominent cheekbones, large ears, and striking eyes that can range in color. The Sphynx breed is characterized by its hairless genetic mutation, which sets it apart from most other black cat breeds. Despite their lack of fur, Black Sphynx cats are considered high maintenance pets. This amazing black cat requires regular care for their skin’s health, including bathing to remove oils that accumulate on their skin. They are known for their friendly and outgoing personalities, often seeking warmth and affection from their humans. These cats are inquisitive, energetic, and extremely playful.

Black sphynx cat stretching her leg

Black Exotic Shorthair Cat

The Exotic Shorthair cat is a charming breed known for its adorable, round face and plush, dense coat. These cats have a medium-sized body with a sturdy build and a short, teddy bear-like muzzle. Exotic Shorthairs are often called “the lazy man’s Persian” due to their striking resemblance to Persian cats, except for their short, velvety coat, which needs only occasional grooming.

Exotics are beloved for their sweet and gentle temperament. They are known for being calm and easygoing. Overall, the Exotic Shorthair cat is a delightful combination of cuteness, affection, and a relaxed character.

two Dark grey exotic shorthair cats with golden eyes

Black Manx Cat

The Black Manx cat is a distinctive breed known for its unique physical feature: a naturally occurring genetic mutation that results in a shortened tail or, in some cases, no tail at all. These cats have a medium-sized body with a muscular build and a dense, sleek black coat. They have a round head with prominent cheeks. Despite their shortened tails, they are agile and active, enjoying interactive play and exploration. They are intelligent and can be trained to perform tricks and use a litter box with ease.

Black manx cat with green eyes portrait

Black Maine Coon Cat

The Black Maine Coon cats have a muscular and well-proportioned body with a rectangular shape head and a strong bone structure. One of the Maine Coon’s standout features is its bushy tail, which is long, thick, and beautifully plumed.

Maine Coons are celebrated for their sociable personalities. They are often described as gentle giants due to their large size and affectionate nature. Despite their imposing appearance, Black Maine Coon cats are known for their loving and gentle temperament. They get along well with children and other pets.

Black maine coon cat with yellow eyes sitting

Selkirk Rex Cat

The Selkirk Rex cat is a distinctive breed known for its unique curly coat. What sets them apart is their “teddy bear’s fur”, which can vary in length and texture but is notably soft and inviting to the touch. Their ears are medium-sized and slightly tilted forward. Selkirk Rex cats have easygoing personalities and are typically gentle. They are usually content just by lounging and receiving affection from their owners.

Black Selkirk Rex Cat with golden eyes on blue background

Black British Shorthair Cat

Black British Shorthairs are an elegant breed known for their classic, round-faced appearance and dense, short, and plush black coat. These cats have a medium to large-sized, sturdy body. Their round faces come with large, expressive eyes, typically copper or gold in color, and they have small, rounded ears.

British Shorthairs are loved for their calm and easygoing temperament. They are known for being laid-back and typically enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle than some other cats from this list. Pet parents often describe them as dignified, affectionate, and trusted charcoal felines. British Shorthair Black cats are generally low-maintenance in terms of grooming due to their black short coat, but they do require regular care to keep their fur healthy and shiny. With their classic beauty and gentle demeanor, they make wonderful and loyal companions.

portrait of a Black British Shorthair Cat with maple eyes

Japanese Bobtail Black Cat

The Japanese Bobtail cat is a unique breed, known for its distinctive short, bobbed tail that resembles a pom-pom or rabbit’s tail. The tail’s appearance can vary, but it’s the hallmark of the breed. Japanese Bobtails have a triangular-shaped head with almond-shaped eyes. They are known for their alert and inquisitive nature, often displaying a playful and active personality. A perfect cat for people who want to play with their black cat and not just lounge around. These cats are also intelligent and love a challenge. In terms of coat, Japanese Bobtails have a soft and silky smooth coat, which is low-maintenance, requiring occasional grooming to keep it in good condition.

Black japanese bobtail cat with yellow eyes

Scottish Fold Black Cat Breed

The Scottish Fold Black cat is a charming and distinctive black cat, known for its unique folded ears and striking black coat. These cats have a medium-sized body with a sturdy build. The most distinguishing feature of the Scottish Fold breed is their folded ears, which give them an “owl-like” appearance. The degree of ear folding can vary, with some cats having tightly folded ears, while others have partially folded or straight ears. In terms of temperament, Scottish Fold cats are known for being friendly, gentle, and easygoing. They are playful and intelligent, making them engaging and interactive companions.

portrait of Black scottish fold cat breed with golden eyes


After going through this list of 13 black cat breeds, we realised that they are all very friendly and sociable cats that thrive on human companionship. Even though their looks resemble a panther and they look mysterious, they are mostly friendly, family cats! Their elegance and striking, big eyes also make them a popular choice among cat lovers. If you are getting a black kitten and don’t have a name yet, check out our lists of cute cat names and female cat names, where we have a special section dedicated to black cat names.



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